How to Find Your Niche

It does not have to be what your passionate about.



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Finding your niche is the most difficult part about being a writer. Sometimes, you just do not know what you should talk about. If you take a look at my articles, I am all over the place.

I have stories about psychology, fiction, personal-development, relationships, and coding.

If you can think it, I probably wrote it.

Yet, I did not just write articles on different niches for the art of writing. I had to figure out in which niche I performed better and which one I felt more comfortable writing on.

I will be honest, this led to a lot of disappointments when I saw a lot of stories flop. Especially, the ones that I thought were my best work.

To know which is is your niche you will need to figure out these 2 things:

  1. Do you feel comfortable writing?

I remember when I started to write about Psychology, I felt like I just did not want to write the article. I was triggered to just shut my computer and not look at it again.

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If you cannot find me, I am probably writing. Usually, I write about fiction, love, and self-improvement. Oh, love!