The Remains of Love

2 min readDec 29, 2020

Fragmented pieces in my heart.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Your love did not even warm up the sheet

The love you showed me was just a tease.

I am surprised that you did not cheat

At least it gives me some ease.

For all the times that I let you eat

I know that under the bible I am to blame.

While it lasted, you had a good bait

I can say this only from being your bed mate

It was something magical, something great

But from our love, remains nothing but fate.

Your actions were more than a browbeat

But the pain you caused to my heart was a shame.

Nothing I ever did was worth the wait

The broken frames show the remains of hate.

Because to you, all the pain you caused was a feat

But to me, I just wish you never came.

If you got this far, let me offer some background on this beautiful poem. I wrote this piece on my Freshman year of college, in the early stage of my creative writing class.

The meaning behind this poem has to do with betrayal; it is the first few thoughts that goes through our mind when we break up with our partners.

It is the very moment that you regret everything you did with that person, and yes, it is the same moment you start to delete all the pictures from the camera roll.




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